October 18,2021 By: Mansi poddar

Having a tightly knit friend group that is like a second family is something that popular culture and media seem to love and emphasize a lot. However, a lot of us struggle with making or keeping friendships, due to which it’s easy to start feeling inadequate or unlovable. There are so many factors that impact our friendship’s, here are a few –

Adult Friendships

Adult friendships are difficult. Making and keeping friends as an adult is hard. You have conflicting schedules and less free time than when you were younger, with more added responsibilities it’s difficult to take out time and you usually have few opportunities to meet new people. It is more difficult to approach new people. Putting yourself out there to approach people and coping with potential rejection can be stressful. Remember, struggling with friendships is normal and there’s nothing shameful in that.


Trauma can make connecting with others difficult. For example, if you have been traumatized by your peers (for example- bullying) or experienced abusive relationships, trying to connect with others and trusting people can feel scary and dangerous.

You are growing as a person 

Sometimes we might grow apart from people as we grow and heal. We might find out that we are no longer as compatible with the people around us as we used to be. It’s natural to outgrow the friendships that no longer make us feel happy, seen or heard. It just means that some people aren’t meant to be in our lives forever.

Fear of abandonment

When we feel abandonment, we might become overly controlling and possessive of friends which could strain relationships. Some people also show this as pulling away and distancing oneself from potential friendships before people have the chance to reject them.

Struggling with mental health

If you are struggling with mental health maintaining friendships can be exhausting. We might not have the energy to do so as the energy is spent on survival.