Relationship Counselling Is Not a Stigma

Bhawna Mehlawat, (2021, October 6). Relationship Counselling Is Not a Stigma. Psychreg on Relationship.

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We should understand relationship counselling is not a stigma rather it is needed. The misconceptions attached with counselling needs to be detached. As we all know that relationships are a very significant part of our lives, all our lives we struggle to maintain them. As social beings, we are essentially emotional beings and therefore we strive towards affection.

There are various reasons why relationship counselling is seen as a stigma. Firstly there is a lack of awareness among people. Everybody thinks of themselves as a trained adviser. But what happens is, in the case when others need help about relationships, we easily come up with great quotes and suggestions but when it comes to ourselves we fail to apply that advice to our situations.

Secondly, counselling is not seen as normal in our society. Most of the population relates relationship counselling with people who find it difficult to accept that they need help to improve the status of their relationship. The thought of being judged is also another reason which acts as a hurdle to connect with psychologists and therapists.

Divorce rates are increasing at an alarming rate today and with counselling, one can also save
themselves from extreme depression, stress, relations and anxiety. However, we all know that communication is a great way of solving problems.

Counselling is a systematic process that can help us gain an understanding and control of our emotions. Eventually, it helps in maintaining healthy relationships and because it is a safe space to seek help and guidance one does not feel any kind of fear of being judged in any case. It is all about confidentiality, commitment, and communication. It lets you introspect yourself which is why you can get hold of your thoughts and emotions in a better way.

Also, the unbiased attitude allows you to freely bring out each and everything which you cannot share with your family or friends. There is nothing wrong with taking a step to improve your mental health. Whenever there is any kind of problem in relationships, be it small or big it affects our mental health and which is why we behave and feel in a certain manner like irritated, agitated and not focused on work. We must seek relationship counselling whenever needed.

A healthy relationship leads to healthy mental health and a positive environment. Throughout our lifetime we are always surrounded by different relationships, then why is it so stigmatised to visit a psychologist?

Psychologists are not only for mental illness but also for personal problems. Skills are not innate we need to learn them, therefore for better positive coping skills we need relationship counselling and there is no loss in seeking help for your betterment.

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