Managing Stress: Center Yourself Deeply So You Don’t Get Blown Over In An Emotional Storm

Our emotional stability can be like a tree that sways in the wind, if it is not rooted into the earth well enough the wind will blow it over. If the tree is rooted well enough then it will simply sway back and forth past its center like a pendulum, and when the wind stops it will simply come to rest within a balanced center of equilibrium.

If we are experiencing an emotional storm from something stressful we will get blown around as well, and if we are not grounded enough we will get pulled off our center and uprooted. If we are able to be with what we feel, allowing and accepting the full emotional experience as it happens, we will simply sway back and forth keeping connection with our center as we breathe in and out a state of calmness through the duration of the storm.

To do this we need to build a foundation of self acceptance through a simple awareness practice. All we have to do is take some regular time to sit and follow the feeling of our breathing and body sensations. When we place our attention, awareness and focus on our body sensations to allow, accept and experience them as they are, we are actually accepting ourselves and a sense of ease will begin to come over us. This sends the message to our subconscious mind that life is safe, which will calm down our central nervous system to allow a state of ease to resume. When we practice this enough we will have created the habit of doing this, so when something happens to trigger an emotional storm, our awareness practice will automatically kick in and we will calm ourselves down and remain well rooted to ride the storm out with confidence and ease!

Here is a short 2:39 min youtube video I did on this topic: 

If it interests you there are a lot more Self-Help videos on my Youtube channel:

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