Building Self Esteem: Curiosity Is What Creates Excitement, Enthusiasm, And Healthy Balance In Life!

Remember that curiosity you had when you were a child? To get so excited with something new that catches your attention and awareness. That feeling of excitement and enthusiasm is actually our natural state of being that motivates us to grow and learn. When we get caught in habits and too many routines this limits life only to the known and predictable, which suffocates curiosity because that requires new and unknown to flourish.

If you are feeling stuck, unhappy and bored with life, then stop practicing the habit of your habits and open yourself up to try new things. Imagine you are a kid and open your curiosity to new things, or to old things but try doing them in new ways. Without curiosity how can there be any motivation or excitement to try something new that will motivate you to get out of bed in the morning? If life can only remain the same it will become stagnant, unhappy and boring, and what is the point in that! So what are you curious about today? 

Here is a short 2:50 min youtube video I did on this topic: 

If it interests you there are a lot more Self-Help videos on my Youtube channel:

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