What We Practice Is What We Get

If we were to plant a seed in a garden but were impatient and could not wait for it to sprout and dug it up, this action would stop it from growing. If we want it to thrive to become healthy and strong we just need to create the best environment for it to do so. This may be the right soil, light, temperature, and proper amount of water. When we do this all we have to do is wait, and when it sprouts and grows, we will have grown patience within ourselves!

We can do this with ourselves by cultivating the seeds of our inner self when by taking the time for self care, patience and kindness. If we want something to happen faster than it is going, then by taking the time to breathe into the feelings that are arising from wanting a different outcome will cultivate patience. Once we have built a foundation of patience within ourselves from this practice we will be much more accenting and appreciative of ourselves and life without disappointments taking us away so much any more. What you practice is definitely what you get!

Here is a short 1:25 min youtube video I did on this topic: https://youtu.be/AO4N4KtVab4

If it interests you there are a lot more Self-Help videos on my Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrY_GQAjTaprjlQZKuNP-xQ

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