If We Can’t Handle Where We Are How Can We Handle More?

If we are having trouble where we are, feeling out of balance, always stressed or overwhelmed, then there isn’t enough foundation to support the higher levels of emotional pressure that will come from the steps it takes to achieve a desired goal.

Its like pushing ourselves into doing some physical activity that requires a much higher level of physical capacity than we are accustomed to. We can’t just immediately do it in a healthy sustainable way. If instead we practice building our endurance bit by bit, our physical capacity will grow to support higher levels of physical ability.

Our emotional muscles are the same. If we practice being with what we feel in all the areas of our lives then we will build our emotional endurance bit by bit, and our capacity to handle the higher level of steps required to achieve our goal will then become possible.

Practice being with what you feel whenever you feel stressed, angry, impatient, or overwhelmed, and in time you will have created a stronger emotional foundation to handle stretching your capacity to do more of the things you desire.

As well, here is a short 2:36 min youtube video I did on this topic: https://youtu.be/MQhAAvNfvDs

If it interests you there are a lot more Self-Help videos on my Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrY_GQAjTaprjlQZKuNP-xQ

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