Why You Need to Keep Your Heart Open

Always come back to love… your soul will thank you for it .

We all have the capacity to get over the past, resolve conflicts and come back to love.

The power of love leads to more peace, unity, intimacy and connection,

Unfortunately not everyone has the capacity to come back to love. They may chose to stay closed, hold onto grudges , not forgive and hold onto stories, hurt and past pain.

When you hold onto pain and chose to close your heart, you are doing a soul a disservice . You are choosing to cultivate darkness within you and towards another.

Not everyone is taught how to come back to love , and I admit…the journey to embodying transcendental love is a very hard yet but it the also a very empowering one. Coming back to love means the ego has less power, the stories and pain no longer affect how safe and held we feel in the world.

Our hearts remain open and a deeper sense of presence in day to day live is experienced.

This requires a willingness to keep opening , to forgive , to let go and communicate with honesty, vulnerability and transparency .

One of the evolutions that the collective is going through is the journey of understanding how to come back to love.

It is a spiritual journey because love is a powerful energy that cannot be seen but felt … so much of it is energy work , emotional work done from within.

If you are wanting to open up your heart more and stop giving so as much power to the ego ..to stop allowing it to inflict more pain and separation in your life reach out.

Maybe you are having trouble letting go of a past relationship..or you are feeling the pain of resentment, anger or hate from events in your past.

I had a client who came to me due to the anger and resentment she had towards her relatives from the trauma she experienced in her childhood. She felt stuck on her journey and her heart was heavy.
Through timeline therapy, somatic therapy and soul-channelling we were able to re-open her heart and created a safe space for her repressed stuck emotions and stories to come through. Once they were processed in an embodied holistic way she felt lighter and shared she felt the most at peace she had felt in many years.

I offer coaching and therapy to help you master your emotions and ability to come back to love, embody more of your soul , feel lighter in this world and experience deep inner peace and freedom.

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