Practical Life Hacks for Every Season.

Life and Truth Lessons with SAGENEL ©
The Birthday Edition.
1) Respect is not Age Bound, It’s Human Bound.
2) If foolishness abides in a place, it’s probably because there is an Opportunity for God’s Wisdom to be shown through you.
Don’t lose that Opportunity.
3) Many Christians still miss the point of what Jesus was saying here;
For if you love [only] those who love you, what reward do you have?
Do not even the tax collectors do that? And if you greet only your brothers [wishing them God’s blessing and peace], what more [than others] are you doing?
Do not even the Gentiles [who do not know the Lord] do that?
Mat 5:46‭-‬47 AMP
4) Don’t Miss the point there.
Just like my Husband was sharing as we were talking recently,
The Bible is FULL of Inconveniences.
If you are waiting to have a Christianity full of cozyness and no stretching,
You are not Ready.
Be Kind to those who don’t deserve your Kindness.
5) Assumption continues to be one of the biggest heart breaker in Human relationships.
As much as it concerns you, do your part to be clear on the Relationships you have or don’t have with people.
Be it a Mentorship Relationship, Romantic Relationship or Sisterhood Friendship.
It just creates less headaches when both parties are on the same page, especially relationship(s) wise.
6) God is an Interesting and Interested Father.
No matter how unfaithful Humans have or will be to you, you can trust His Faithfulness because, he sincerely has your Interest at his Heart.
7) Forgiveness is not an Examination Option in the Christian Walk of Life.
It’s our Identity, it’s our Lifestyle.
Spiritual Maturity helps to not turn this into a debating point.
Jesus was a Forgiver, He is our Example, not some Reality TV Celebrity.
Be Conscious of who and what is feeding your Soul, Spirit and Life.
8) Family (Smiles)
Family are those who can be there for you when you are not even there for yourself.
They are the ones who will Love you at your best and at your worst.
Their love is NOT CONDITIONAL basing their relationship and actions with you, based on what you do/did for or to them.
They just Love you and are Interested in seeing you thrive, regardless of what you have to offer them.
If you see these kinds, Keep them!
They are Rare and they are real MVPs.
If you don’t have such yet, Pray.
God is able to make you into such a person to other people.
9) The Best way to Build a Change is by BECOMING the Change.
If you hate how certain things are in a Certain place, BECOME that change that you want to see.
It is why I said in point number 8, pray so you become that Person to others.
Not because you can create all the changes in this World, but you can start by becoming the Change in your World with the causes and challenges that God has crafted in your Heart and Being to Solve.
10) We are not all going to go through the same process and challenges.
Some people will lose their parents, some spouses, some children and still others, it’s none of these things, it’s something else entirely.
Because your own challenge/process may not be as loud as the Lady’s own doesn’t mean your own Life Maturity, Process or Purpose is invalid.
Be Inspired, but don’t lose your Value and Validity.
11) Many Loud “Leaders” are Insecure, not all, but many.
Be Wise, Be Discerning in your selection and gravitation towards a Leader/Mentor who is going to lead you through your Destiny Path.
Let it not be about Loudness, Let it be about Depth, most importantly let it be about TRUTH.
There’s no gain for you, having a person leading you, who cannot see you even exceed beyond their own current reach.
Follow a Person who sees like God sees.
There is nothing like a Spirit-Fed and Spirit-Filled Leader.
12) The WORLD talks about FREEDOM alot and yet still craves it, because they can’t find it.
Freedom is not an External thing, It’s an Internal thing and it’s start from Seeing yourself the way God sees You.
Identity by God’s Definition is the beginning of your FREEDOM.
13) Preaching is as Important as Practicing.
Practicing is what gives Weight, Solidity and Value to what you Preach.
Is your Lifestyle in alignment with your Coaching, Preaching, Teaching?
Think about it deeply and then purpose in your heart to practice more than you even preach.
14) No ONE, No ONE at all is Superior!
No one no matter how the world weighs it is INFERIOR.
We only have those, who have gone Ahead.
Remember this and live life being Inspired, not Intimidated.
15) Boundaries are great and an Essential part of life.
It’s what makes Humans able to collaborate despite their differences.
Create yours in Understanding and Love, not out of Fear and Hate.
16) The Spirit behind a thing/person is what drives the thing/person.
Open your Heart and Mind beyond what you see and hear, but much more to depths beyond just what is “said”.
17) In every phase of your Life, there’s always something and relationships that God has deposited in and around you to take you from where you are to where you ought to be.
Open your eyes to see and stop saying,
“You don’t know” or “You don’t have anything or anyone”
This is not True.
Look again.
18) For Everything on earth, there’s a purpose.
Just as there are times and seasons as God exemplified when he created the Earth.
Syncing this into your heart and growing in Understanding of this, will help you manage relationship endings well.
Not all Relationships from 1729 may be in existence now.
It’s possible the purpose for that relationship is over and should another purpose bring you two together, it will effortlessly pick up.
Summary is;
Relationships are Purpose-Centric.
If the purpose of your relating ends or expires, so might the era of that relationship.
Understanding this will help you know how to be Kind and Courteous to Everyone without trying to force a Friendship before it’s time or after it’s time.