Abandonment Issues – Is this stopping you from authentic relationships?


Abandonment Issues – Is this stopping you from authentic relationships?

July 19,2021 By: Mansi poddar

The fear that makes us choose wrong relationships.

Healthy human development requires needs for physical and emotional care to be met. Unmet needs can result in feelings of abandonment. Fear of abandonment is a type of anxiety that some people experience when faced with the idea of losing someone they care about. Everyone deals with death or the end of relationships in their lifetime. Abandonment issues involved a deep fear of being abandoned, rejected or hurt by someone you care about. It ruins relationships because people with abandonment issues can exhibit and healthy behaviors that can be destructive to the relationship. Abandonment issues can come from ANY kind of loss that at the time, was heavier than what your emotional carrying/processing capacity could accommodate.

The biggest contributor to developing abandonment issues when you become an adult is dramatic childhood experiences such as –

  • Emotional abandonment happens when parents put too much pressure on their children to meet their high standards.
  • Ignore the children’s emotional needs.
  • Belittle the children’s achievements and expect them to always be perfect.
  • When the parent is emotionally cold and unavailable.
  • When the parents ridicule the children and do not provide a space for the children to express themselves.

A person who has experienced abandonment may be more likely to have long-term mental health issues. These are often based on the fact that the fear of abandonment will recur. A person may experience mood swings, anger issues, low self-esteem or impair a person’s ability to trust others. These fears could make a person prone to anxiety, depression, codependence, or other issues.

Seek out help from a professional and open up!