Mannaheim Healing Centre is the Home of Supernatural Provision. Born from a visionary dream to Zelda Language, Psychologist and founder of Mannaheim Healing Centre. We offer treatment for anyone who suffers from Trauma, Depression, Burnout, Anxiety, PTSD, Stress or the like. In addition, Mannaheim Healing Centre will spearhead valuable and much sought-after psycho-therapeutic and wellness services to a growing number of women and couples who have suffered the loss of a child as a result of miscarriage, termination, stillbirth or neonatal death and SIDS (Sudden Death Infant Syndrome) or are facing the challenges of infertility and surrogacy. As well as to mothers who suffer from antenatal and/or postnatal depression. Furthermore, Mannaheim Healing Centre is there for overall wellness of the individual and/or family, helping everyone to thrive and reach their full unique potential. Hence Individual, Couple and family therapy is offered at Mannaheim Healing Centre.

On a Corporate level, soft life skills training, stress and time management, corporate retreats and career planning is offered. Career planning and assessment from scholar to retirement is offered by Helena Kriel of Mannaheim Healing Centre who has over 20 years of experience in this field.

Mannaheim Healing Centre presents a variety of weekend retreats. These include retreats for bereaved parents to help deal with the loss of a child/baby. There are also retreats for parents and/or single parents that have lost a baby either through miscarriage/termination or baby that has been stillborn. Furthermore, we also offer couple retreats for marital enrichment (irrespective of the number of years being married), couple retreat for premarital counselling (dating, engaged, first year of marriage). Please contact us to enquire about retreat dates. Dates and venues will be published on our website and Facebook page in the near future.

Mannaheim Healing Centre hosts its own unique group workshop, called ‘QUIT bad habits and THRIVE!’. These group workshops are hosted at Mannaheim Healing Centre’s premises and are aimed at any individual between 16 and 90, both men and women (max 20 people). Workshops are presented in both English and Afrikaans

Please contact us to enquire about our services or to book your individual, couple or group sessions. We look forward to welcome you into our healing environment. Step into your Journey of Healing Grace and experience restoration, transformation and empowerment!

(Please note: Mannaheim Healing Centre currently consists of consulting rooms. However, we are in the process to expand to premises that will also offer accommodation, but in the form of a PRIVATE Wellness Centre. Mannaheim is NOT a clinic/medical facility or psychiatric institution.)

"Baie dankie vir alles. Die naweek sal ons nooit vergeet nie en het so baie beteken vir ons en waar ons nou is in ons 'journey'. Dankie vir al die detail en moeite!"

Shawn, Ghilene en Emily

Mannaheim Team

Zelda Language - 084 491 1201
BA (Hons Psych) (UP), MA (Counselling Psych) (UP)
Practice nr: 864 0785

Zelda Language is a Counselling Psychologist in Private Practice since 1998. She matriculated in KZN and furthered her studies at the University of Pretoria. She completed her Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology focusing on the development of A Psycho-educational Programme for the Improvement of Marriage Satisfaction. She focuses on emotional, behavioural and interpersonal problems and has a special interest in marriage counselling, trauma and debriefing, grief and bereavement, infertility trauma, depression, anxiety, acute stress, PTSD and Post Natal Depression. Zelda uses TIR (Trauma Incidence Reduction) to deal with trauma effectively. Zelda presents workshops on bereavement therapy for parents who have lost children (miscarriages/ termination/still births/neo-natal deaths). She runs Mannaheim Healing Centre in Menlo Park, Pretoria and does hospital visits and consultations as needed in Pretoria, Midstream and Centurion. Zelda is working very closely with the gynaecology, labour and female wards at Kloof Hospital (Mediclinic) in Pretoria – which happens to currently run one of the best and most sought after Neonatal ICU unit in South Africa.  She is a mother to three beautiful children and has a passion for reading, travelling and spending time with her family and friends.






Dr. Paula Fernandes - 082 783 6062
D.Litt et Phil (Clinical Psychology)
Practice nr: 8645914

Dr. Paula Fernandes is a Clinical Psychologist in private practice since 2001. She matriculated in Pretoria, where she then furthered her studies at the University of Pretoria and UNISA. She completed her Doctorate in 2004 titled ‘A Therapeutic Understanding of Women Suffering through their Bodies: A look at Eating Disorders, Genetic Breast Cancer and Infertility. She counsels women with a genetic risk for breast and/or ovarian cancer once a week at the Familial Cancer Centre in Pretoria. Her main focus in private practice is on the emotional, spiritual and physical trauma and wounds individuals experience from birth up to adulthood. She also has a keen interest in Christian counselling. She is a mother of two daughters, and has a passion for reading, travelling and spending time with family and friends.








Helena Kriel - 083 235 9349
MA (Psychology)

Helena Kriel holds a Master’s degree in Psychology from the University of Pretoria and has 25 years’ experience in career related fields. She is accredited as NBI-practitioner as well as Memory Healing practitioner. Helena is also trained in Traumatic Incident Reduction. Helena works as a Career and Life coach, specialising in adult career changes. She offers services such as CV writing, career planning, job hunting strategies and preparing for interviews. She furthermore loves adolescents and enjoys assisting them with subject and career choices and uses the NBI to guide learners in appropriate study methods. Helena is an avid reader, enthusiastic birder and loves travelling with her husband of many years.









We offer a wide variety of treatments


In the fast paced workplace of the 21st century, the investment in human capital is no longer negotiable, but deemed a necessity.

Companies need to budget and include effective soft life skills training, which includes effective conflict management, communication, EQ, up to and including care path planning and restructuring ( not limited but including retrenchment restructuring of organisations etc) and optional psychometric evaluations,

We provide services to facilitate corporate growth and investment in human capital enrichment, as stated above.


In the fast paced, and stress filled life of each individual burnout, stress related disorders, suicide, loss, and relationship turmoil is rife.

This often leads to the  individual experiencing a sense of disconnectness, which more than often results in a form of addiction, fatigue, anxiety, and self-doubt to a point  of despair or underlying loneliness. Where loneliness has been proved to be the underlying causal factor of most, if not all, psychopathology.

In the journey of life, most of us are faced with one or more of the elements as stated above. Hence each individual needs to own up to the responsibility to take the first step into the journey of healing grace  and personal growth, enabling yourself to live a productive enriched life rife with your own unique potential.

At Mannaheim Healing Centre, we can assist you to take the crucial first step and partner with you in your journey of healing grace.


In this day and age we are all aware of the debilitating effects of trauma on our society, touching close to every individual thereof.

These traumas vary from high-jacking, armed robberies, murders, rape, suicide, death, chronic illnesses, and any other form of loss, including retrenchment. 

Hence crisis intervention and trauma debriefing has become a necessity to maintain a well-functioning South African Society.


Loss of work

Loss of identity

Loss of meaning of life

Loss or lack of purpose

Loss of health

Loss of your significant other

Loss of family member

Loss of mobility

Perinatal and Neonatal death

Infertility and Surrogacy

Pregnancy Terminations


Humans are created as relational beings. Therefore each individual has a core need to stand in a healthy relationship to experience a sense of connectness, which paths the way to a joyful and enriched life.

Unity is the soul glue of all healthy relationships and well functioning societies. The current disintegration of unity in our society, and all individual and family relationships, leads to a multitude of relationship problematics, which may include psychopathology. The huge additional debilitating effect of social media on unity and healthy relationships per se, screams for the need of couple and family therapy, to help restore relationships and families to conducive unity: the building block of harmony and personal growth, including the sense of vital connectness.

At Mannaheim Healing Centre, we are fully equipped to journey with you to relational restoration, as well providing you with a healthy relationship "toolbox" / skills to address all of the above.


Anger Management

Conflict Resolution

Interpersonal Relationship Problematics

Parental Guidance

Parent Plans

Cost Effective Mediation

Effective Communication Skills

Family Therapy

The voice of the child

Redefining the family structure

Adjustment to step families


Ways to stay mentally healthy


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